Dapa Products Window Screen & Spline Manufacturers

Welcome to DAPA Products

DAPA Products was formed with the idea of creating a small family-owned business. For years its original founders had been involved in many areas of management and distribution. Competition on plastics products had become very strong and it seemed that the only way to remain successful was to become the manufacturer rather than the distributor.

DAPA was started with one extrusion line running a few hours a day with only one production/warehouse employee. At that time all products were manufactured solely for the furniture and upholstery markets with the main focus being on our Foam Welt Cord.

Our Commitment

DAPA Products, in its infancy, had some decisions to make. Some of the markets served had previously been supplied with lesser quality products including those produced with off grade, scrap, or reprocessed raw materials. Was DAPA to try to compete with these lower quality, lower priced products? Early on decisions were made to produce and offer only the highest quality products possible using the best available virgin raw materials possible. This meant that we would not always have the cheapest price but we would also not have the cheapest quality. It also meant that we could stand behind our product 100 %. Additionally, our customers would always come first and we would do everything in our power to satisfy the needs of our customers in a courteous and timely manner. These commitments have remained throughout and are the life of our business.

A New Product and a New Market is Created

With steady growth in the furniture and upholstery markets with Foam Welt Cord and other products, DAPA found that a slightly different raw material mix and a few changes in the manufacturing process could open an entirely new market for them. Thus, DAPA Foam Spline was born. Foam Spline was totally new to the window and screening market but by proving the product is easier to use and better than most products on the market, DAPA Products basically changed an entire industry.  DAPA Foam Screen Spline has helped to reduce the stress of screening and now is the favored choice for many major manufacturers to whom DAPA now caters to.

Growth Continues

With the support of our customers and friends from the original Upholstery markets, as well as new customers and friends in the new Window and Door market, DAPA Products has continued to grow. Because of demand from the Upholstery market a separate braiding manufacturing operation was opened to supply Braided Welt Cord. Several additional extrusion lines have been added to not only accommodate the growth in original products, but also to open doors for new products including custom profile extrusions. DAPA Products is now known, not just for the Foam Welt Cord, but the highly demanded Foam Screen Spline, Braided Welt Cord, and many other products for the window, door, and upholstered furniture industries.

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