The Best Advantage to Foam Screen Spline

Window Repair Foam Screen Spline Components

Screen splines are a critical part of a window. They are used to hold the screen of a window securely into the frame, which keeps the fabric in place. There are many different types of splines on the market because different screens require different types to ensure a perfect fit.

Why Use Foam?

Foam screen spline is much more durable and more comfortable for workers to fit in the metal screen frame than metal or vinyl screen splines. Foam is flexible, which means it can fit into corners and reduces inventory and reduces fatigue on the operator. These are all the things that regular screen frame spline cannot do.

Advantages of Using Foam Screen Spline

Foam is not only resistant to UV rays, but it’s also weather-resistant. The foam screen spline will not shrivel in the winter and will not loosen up in the summer, so it remains perfect year-round. This product is designed to compensate for any specification, and it’s also made to support the screen and provide easier installation.

If you’re looking for reliable, weather-resistant screen frame spline that are also very affordable and are made by people who care. Choose DAPA for all your screen splines.

DAPA Innovates in Foam Screen Spline

DAPA opened up something entirely new to the window and door component market when they decided to go foam, which turned out not only to be a better material but a much more efficient manufacturing process. They put in the research, all the trial and error, DAPA put in the work to make splines easier to use, more effective, and much more affordable. Splines are an incredibly important part of your windows and doors, and you want to use splines that are reliable, so why wouldn’t you choose DAPA?

If you need help choosing foam screen spline, contact us today at 1-800-229-3181, so one of our highly trained staff members can help you choose the size and length you need.

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