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What is a welt cord?

Welt cord is a fabric-covered cord used to upholster and hide seams to create a more even, tailored, and polished look. Different projects require different types of welt cord. DAPA Products’ high quality, expansive inventory makes finding the perfect welt cord easier.

 What are the steps to installing a screen spline?

First, take accurate measurements of the height and width of the screen. Next, remove the outer edge to access and dispose of the damaged screen. Finally, use a spline installation tool to cut and install a new spline.

Check out our tutorial here for better details and tips.

What is your window screen sizes?

We offer a wide variety of window screens. Please measure your old screen or window to get the correct measurements. Our recommendation chart shows what window screen spline size to use.

 Which material of screening spline do DAPA Products recommend?

Because they are water-resistant, and UV resistant, foam screen spline is designed to ensure we meet the highest standards. These screening splines are less rigid than plastic and PVC, are easy to install, durable, provide optimum performance, and last longer.

 What materials do you produce?

When we first started, we noticed the low-quality products of similar suppliers. This awareness prompted us to make the decision to be fully committed to creating exceptional quality products and to use the best organic materials. We always have and will always strive to be as customer-centered as possible by doing everything in our power to satisfy our customer’s needs courteously and timely. We are proud that we have stood by our commitments throughout our business.

How can consumers purchase orders from DAPA?

DIY and Retail customers can shop conveniently online, while distributors and manufacturers can contact us at 1-800-229-3181 for pricing incentives.

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