Foam Screen Spline

Foam Screen Spline by DAPA ProductsWhat is Foam Screen Spline and How Is It Used?

Since DAPA Products innovated Foam Screen Spline, they’ve changed the industry with an easier to use screen spline. Compared to metal and vinyl, Foam Screen Spline is a better choice for any installation of window screens. Foam screen spline offers flexibility and they are available in various sizes for you to choose the right diameter to ensure efficient installation.

Screening splines are also used to lower the cost of home improvement projects. These soft and durable materials are suitable for various screen channels and they can easily slide to perfectly fit the corners, making them very convenient to use.

DAPA Products’ Foam Screen Spline is made with the best available virgin raw materials. Our sturdy materials are used in thousands of installations and repairs of window screens and panels. We stand behind our products 100%.

The Advantage of Foam Screen Spline

Spline is a critical part of window installation. It allows the screen to adhere to the frame securely, keeping the fabric in place. Though there are many different materials on the market for window splines, foam is by far the best. The foam spline allows for the most accurate fit to the window.

Unlike metal or vinyl, foam spline provides more flexibility making a better seal for the window. The foam expands to a larger diameter and can be used for windows where vinyl is not an option. The spine foam is more easily manipulated than metal or vinyl making the work easier and quicker for the operator. Because it is more easily manipulated, there is less waste, making it more cost effective for the homeowner or contractor.

DAPA Products’ High-Quality Foam Screen Spline

When DAPA Products first started, a different raw material was used that changed their manufacturing process. A new niche in the market was opened and foam spline was born. It was new to the market but due its ease of use and versatility, quickly became a first choice among major manufacturers.

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$1.88 – $13.07

$1.88 – $13.07

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