How to Choose the Best Window Screen

What are Window Screens?

Window screens are a mesh material usually made from metal, aluminum, plastic wire, polyester, or fiberglass. Frames for windows screens are usually made from metal or wood. They are placed within window openings to them when windows are opened.

Window Screen Aluminum Mesh Repair

Window screens help to block out multiple environmental elements that protect your home from:

Which Materials are Best for Window Screens?

The best materials for window screens are a metal frame with an aluminum window screen mesh. It’s a material that is stronger than the fiberglass option for a window screen.

Aluminum mesh window screen components will stand up to branches or trees that may fall into your window. It will last a long time in an area with many rain storms because aluminum stands up to rust, abrasion, and corrosion.

How to Choose the Right Material for Your New Window Screen

To choose the right material for your new window screen, consider the environment outside your home and the room it will protect inside your home.

Like aluminum mesh, fiberglass mesh does not corrode or rust quickly and is mostly used for commercial buildings because of its lightweight nature.

If you have a pet, you can purchase a pet screen that helps your pets stay indoors when you have the windows open.

If there are many insects in your area or storms that happen, you can get coated polyester that stands up to debris and insects.

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