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Upholstery Product Manufacturers & Suppliers DAPA Products

If you are looking for wholesale upholstery product suppliers, DAPA Products provides quality materials and customized products to its customers. The company started as a small distribution center, but has since grown to become a manufacturer, leading in innovation and creativity in this sector. You might be wondering what makes DAPA Products the best manufacturer to work with.

1. Commitment to Quality

Initially, most of the market had been dominated by low-quality products, some of which were made using reprocessed materials. DAPA Products had to offer a strategic plan that involved the production of high-quality products, which provided a market benchmark to other companies. Most of the products produced by DAPA Products exceed high quality standards, which was not existing in the industry before this initiative.

2. Commitment to Customer Service

DAPA Products excels in quality customer service. Customers come first because they are the reason as to why the organization exists. The company strives to provide quality services to customers promptly. These values and commitment continue to drive the company forward and are key to its success and relevance in the competitive market.

Variety of Upholstery Products

DAPA Products offers a variety of products for the upholstery industry, including:

  • Braided Welt Cord
  • Cotton Welt Cord
  • Curve Ease
  • Cut-Length Cardboard Tack Strip
  • Economy Tack Strip
  • Edge Roll
  • Flex Grip
  • Foam Welt Cord
  • Hard Cardboard Tack Strip
  • Hollow PE Welt
  • Metal Tack Strip
  • Plastic Tack Strip
  • Solid PE Welt
  • Tack Strip Sleeve

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Contact DAPA Products at 1-800-229-3181 for customer service and sales questions.

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