What is a Welt Cord and Why Should I Consider Using It?

Pillows with Braided Welt Cord Trim

If you’re searching for a new decorating idea, consider welt cord for upholstery for a tailored look. Welt cord is a versatile décor for pillows, slipcovers, and drapes. You have many options for welt cords for outdoor and indoor use. Before you buy welt cord, consider some of the following factors.

Outdoor and Welt Cord Ideas

Plastic and foam are great options if you need welt cord for outdoor use. Plastic and foam can withstand the elements and resist mold and mildew.

Since the foam is waterproof, it is ideal for wetter climates. Welt cords aren’t just made for furniture, and you may add them to vehicle upholstery.

Indoor Welt Cord Ideas

Cotton and braided welt cord are ideal for indoor projects you want to enhance. One main benefit of cotton and the braided cord is they may be machine washed. Apply cotton and braided welt cord to drapes, comforters, and pillows. It will not require too much time, and you add value to the item.

Use it to hide seams in pillows with a matching or contrasting color for a neater look. Attach it to drapes around the frame instead of sewing on lace or pompoms. Make a headboard a focal point of the room by adding some welt cord.

Learn the Purpose and Benefits

It’s essential to learn how welt cord for upholstery will benefit your décor aesthetic. You also need to know the difference between a single braided and double braided cord. Some welt cords are suited for outdoor use, and others are not.

You will find the different lengths and colors of the welt cord to be an advantage. When you need welt cord, look no further than DAPA. We have a wide selection for a variety of projects. If you’re ready to place a large order with us for welt cord, contact us at 1-800-229-3181.

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