Which Welt Cord to Choose for Outdoor and Indoor Use?

Welt Cords on Pillows Outdoor Furniture Patio

A welt cord is a perfect way to give your furniture a more stylish look. If you aren’t familiar with what it is, it’s a cord that follows a fabric’s seam or padding on furniture. There are two types. A self-welt cord is a welt cord made with fabric and matches the upholstery. A contrasting cord doesn’t match the upholstery. The latter is the most preferred one since it adds style.

Uses for Welt Cord

You should know the purposes of the cord before going ahead and buying it. If you get the wrong product, then it will not serve your needs. Either purchase a double braided cord or single braided welt cord. Each of these serves different purposes when on outdoor or indoor furniture.

You can use them on different items depending on the setting you want to achieve. Some of the ways you can use them are to decorate:

How to Choose a Welt Cord that Fits Outdoor or Indoor Use

When you decide on what type of cord you want to buy, you must first have the design you want in mind. You should know what sense of style you want to achieve. You can check your upholstery to know which cords will complement what you have.

Something else you should be aware of is that the cords used for your outdoor furniture aren’t the same with those used on your indoor furniture.

The outdoor furniture is exposed to the elements, and the cord used should be able to withstand rain, moisture, and sun. You can use a foam or vinyl cord on your patio furniture.

You should also consider the application of the product to decide on the material. For instance, if you’re around a moist environment, you can use a foam welt cord since it’s water-resistant and can be used in any weather.

For the indoor furniture, cotton is mostly used, for example, on bed pillows. Vinyl is very affordable and works well, but you shouldn’t use it at a very high temperature. For cotton, it’s a fantastic material since it has a coating that protects against normal daily wear and tear. If using welt cord on bed pillows, the softer choice is cotton over vinyl.

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