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High Quality Custom Plastic Window Components

DAPA Products is one of the leading extruders of custom plastic window components in the industry. Over the last 40 years, the company has built its name as one of the best window screen and door component manufacturers, extruding high quality plastic components that meet or exceed the client’s specific needs. DAPA Products leverages innovative processes and unmatched customer service to thrive in the market and deliver high quality affordable products on time.

Window and Door Products

Some of the plastic window and door components the company extrudes include:

  • Awning Welt
  • Bug Flap
  • DAPA Foam Ribbed Screen Spline
  • DAPA Foam Screen Spline
  • Foam Flat Spline
  • Glazing Channel
  • Per Spline
  • Pull Tabs
  • PVC Flat Spline
  • PVC Ribbed Screen Spline
  • PVC Smooth Screen Spline
  • Screen Frame Kit
  • Screen Frame Kit with Fiberglass Mesh
  • T-Spline

DAPA Products is committed to deliver unparalleled customer service right from the moment you call for the first time to the time you receive a finished product. We work hand-and-hand with our clients to make sure products are developed according to your tooling and engineering requirements.

Environmental Impact

The company also looks to impact the environment positively through sustainable environment-friendly manufacturing practices that are focused on minimizing waste as well as maximizing efficiency in its manufacturing.

High Quality Fenestration Products

DAPA Products’ fenestration products are designed to meet your needs. It recognizes the fact that the parts you looking to buy will affect the quality of your final product. It acknowledges that the parts put your reputation on the line. The commitment to promote its clients’ reputation is what keeps it going and bringing back customers.

DAPA Products’ Mission

DAPA Products came into existence to fill in the gap created by lesser quality products. The products that were manufactured prior to DAPA Products were developed with scrap, off grade or reprocessed raw materials. The company came in to offer the best quality products using the readily available virgin raw materials. If you are looking for high quality fenestration products, call us at 1-800-229-3181 for a quote.

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