Window Screen Kits & Replacement Components

There are more options than ever for window screens. Materials used to create window screens include bronze, fiberglass, copper, bamboo, and aluminum. Screens can include fabric, fine metal mesh, or even colored materials that do more than keep out bugs, including blocking UV rays. Typically aluminum is used for screens.

Window Screen Repair

When a window screen becomes damaged, it may be possible to repair the screen rather than replace it. If the mesh has become ripped or torn, replace it to avoid bugs or other unwanted animals. Patching the mesh is difficult and will look unsightly, even if done correctly. Aluminum window screens are lightweight and easy to install, but they may become bent or warped over time. It is usually possible to repair the aluminum window screens instead of replacing them.

Window Screen Repair Kits

When considering window screen repair kits, you have two to choose from at DAPA Products. We have a screen frame kit and a screen frame kit with fiberglass mesh.

High quality window screen components will deliver quick, high-quality results. In addition, they have the tools necessary to tackle even tricky tasks like large windows, frame repair, and mesh stretching that the layman may not possess.

However, it can be more cost-effective for you to order window screen components from DAPA Products and complete the repairs themself. It is quick and easy to place an order online for the tools needed to complete the repair and get professional-looking results.

Reach out to our DAPA Products team today to place your order for a window screen mesh kit. You can also place your order through our online system. Our contact number is 1-800-229-3181. We will be happy to answer any questions that you have about window screen spline and ordering.

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