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At DAPA Products, the industry knows us as the go-to company for high-quality door screen and window screen products. We have an extensive inventory of many different screen spline options.

Choosing the Right Type of Spline for Your Needs

It is essential to select the correct type of window screen spline for your needs. The standard options include:

Foam and Vinyl Screen Spline

This is the most popular option for today’s consumers. The benefits of vinyl and foam screen spline include excellent durability that combines with an easy installation process.

Aluminum Mesh

The benefits of aluminum screen mesh include the fact that it is sturdy and resistant to high temperatures. This option is also corrosion resistant and resistant to UV light.

Our DAPA Products Team Also Offers These Great Options:

  • Per Splines
  • Ribbed Splines
  • Screen Foam Splines
  • Flat Screen Splines
  • PVC Ribbed Screens
  • T Splines

Tools Needed for Screen Replacement

The required tools for screen replacement include the screen material and heavy-duty scissors, a screen roller and spline, and a measuring tape.

The Steps for Screen Replacement

  1. Remove the damaged screen after removing the frame
  2. Cut the replacement screen to a size that is slightly bigger as compared to the frame
  3. Secure it with tape and ensure that the material is straight on all sides
  4. Push the screen into the channel by utilizing a screen roller
  5. Push the screen spline into the channel of the frame so that the screen is secured
  6. Reinsert the screen into the window after trimming off any excess that is left over

You Can Count on DAPA Products for Your Screen Product Needs

Reach out to our DAPA Products team today to place your order for a screen frame spline or window screen mesh kit. You can also place your order through our online system. Our contact number is 1-800-229-3181. We will be happy to answer any questions that you have about window screen spline and ordering.