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As window screen components and fenestration product manufacturers, we ensure they are high quality to gain your trust and confidence. Using virgin raw materials of the highest quality provides you with industry leading supplies your customers can count on.

SCREEN MESH TYPE SCREEN FRAME SIZE—Recommended┬áDAPA Foam Screen Spline Size
(Description/Name May Vary) 5/16 x 3/4 3/8 x 3/4 7/16 x 3/4 5/16 x 1 7/16 x 1
All Fiberglass Insect Screen 0.145″ 0.150″ 0.135″ 0.150″ 0.225″
Aluminum Wire Screen 0.135″ 0.135″ 0.135″ 0.135″ 0.135″

Are you looking for top-tier fenestration solutions? Dive into DAPA Products’ unmatched journey from humble roots to shaping an industry.

At Dapa Products, we do not sacrifice quality for affordability. Our innovation paves the way for industry standards. We’ve grown into the go-to name for fenestration products, boasting a line-up that serves diverse needs, from furniture upholstery to window screening.

  • Unwavering Commitment:While some companies cut corners to save on costs, DAPA’s pledge has always been clear with unparalleled quality. We harness only the best raw materials, ensuring every product stands as a testament to our standards. Isn’t it comforting to know your fenestration needs are backed by unmatched quality?
  • Centered Around You: Our customers have always been at the heart of our operations. Every innovation and expansion stems from a deep desire to serve you better. And when you speak, we listen, a value that paved the way for our trailblazing DAPA foam spline. Not just a product, but a revolution that transformed the entire window and screening industry.
  • Consistency in Quality: Trust is earned, and at DAPA, we’ve garnered it with consistent delivery, leading to our expansion. Now, our product range doesn’t just stop at the renowned Foam Welt Cord. We offer a spectrum of sought-after products, each echoing our quality, dedication, and innovation ethos.

Are you ready to transform your fenestration experience? With DAPA Products, you’re not just choosing a product, but a legacy of excellence and commitment. Call DAPA Products at (800) 229-3181 today or fill out our online form.

The products provided by DAPA now extend beyond Screen Spline. See our complete line below.

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