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What Is Foam Welt Cord?

Welt cord is manufactured by sewing a fabric cover over a cord length. It is a material commonly used to add a decorative touch to furniture, curtains, upholstery, and pillows. The cord added to these items will usually match or contrast its color.

Foam Welt Cord on Outdoor Furniture

Popular Uses for Welt Cord

The most popular items that welt cord is used to create a decorative look include chairs, sofas, pillows, draperies, headboards, and outdoor furniture. It is important to know what type of design you wish to create before purchasing a welt cord. When you choose thoughtfully, it is easy to use a welt cord to create a decorative look that will catch the eye.

The Benefits of Choosing Foam Welt Cord

Choosing foam welt cord  has some key benefits that make it one of the most popular options. The merits of this welt cord variety include resistance to mildew and mold. This makes it an ideal choice for decorating outdoor furniture.

Other benefits include that it will not rot and has excellent flexibility that provides additional strength to cushions. This welt cord variety is also preferred for outdoor use because it does not absorb water.

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