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5 Different Types of Window Screen Spline

Screen frame spline is a beneficial product. It is a flexible cord that makes it possible for window screens to fit inside their frames snugly. Window spline is one of the products we proudly offer here at DAPA Products. There are 5 common varieties of screen spline that are popular and routinely used. With this point made, we will now look at each of these products.

Window Screen Frame Spline from DAPA

1. T-Splining

T-splining is a type of spline used in thin screen frames. This is common in aluminum storm doors. This spline variety can securely lock the window screen into place when it is of the correct size.


This is a screen spine variety that is UV resistant. It is made from rubber, and chemicals are used to give it UV-resistant capability. This variety of spline is known for being easy to install.

3. Solid Core Vinyl Spline

The solid core vinyl variety of screen spline is known for its durability. This is a crucial factor behind its consistent popularity.

4. Foam Screening Spline

Foam screen spline is the option that professionals in the construction field regularly choose. This is due to its flexibility as well as its pliability. It is also an option that is notably easy to install in small channels.

5. Polyfoam Spline

Polyfoam is another variety of spline. It comes on rolls like electrical wire. There are several different sizes that this spline comes in.

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