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Tips for Choosing Screen Spline to Replace Window Screens

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The fact is that all products are prone to damages and malfunction. Since screens are affected by outdoor conditions, they can be the most affected parts of a window. As a result of the damage, to change your screens, you need a screen spline. In most cases, when you repair a screen, it is possible to reuse the old splines.

However, there are instances when you need to change the whole screen frame or use new materials. There is quite a variety of splines in the market available in various shapes and sizes.

Types of Spline Materials

Screen varieties range from ribbed to smooth and flat. Below are some of the different kinds of spline materials:

  • Vinyl “T” splining
  • Foam
  • Flat-screen splining
  • PVC

What is Screen Spline and How to Measure It?

A spline is a type of vinyl, plastic, or foam specially designed to fix screen materials into a frame. It is rolled into a groove using a screen mouse or screen roller. The size or thickness of the window screen spline measures by diameter.

Note that the ideal spline size should match the groove’s width, especially when using aluminum screening or performing repairs on damaged screens.

High-Quality Products

There is quite a variety of window screen spline products in the market. However, not all products are of high quality.

At DAPA Products, we pride ourselves as one of the best companies offering high-quality splines.

 Where to Order Screen Spline

Contact our dedicated customer service team at 1-800-200-229-3181, and we will ensure you get the perfect screen spline for your window or door.

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