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Tips for Choosing the Best Braided Welt Cord for Your Next Projects

Couch Pillows Welt Cord Braided Decorative

Welt cord is a highly useful medium when it comes to doing upholstery work. It is a fabric-covered cord commonly used to give a decorative look to upholstered items ranging from chairs, and sofas, to pillows, and curtains. It is a great way to hide seams while adding some style. When using a welt cord for a project, it is essential to make the right choice.

Difference Between Cord and Welt

At DAPA products, we are a leading provider of welt, and we want our customers to understand the difference between this medium and cord. The main difference is that cord is a ready-made medium. Welt cord materials we work with include cotton and foam.

Tips on Choosing the Best Cord

When choosing braided welt, it is vital to select an option that will work well with the application of the product and material. For example, foam welt cord is typically used in marine and outdoor applications because it is more durable than cotton in moist conditions. It is also essential to inspect the cord to ensure that it is of high quality.

Common Use of Braided Welt

Some of the common uses for braided welt cord include use on furniture such as sofas and chairs. Welt cord also adds a decorative element to headboards. There are many different types of upholstery that braided welt works well with, including draperies and pillows.

Where to Buy the Best Braided Welt

At DAPA Products, we aim to build relationships with our customers as the trusted source for the top-quality braided and foam welt cord. Contact our team today to receive expert advice on any of your questions. You can reach by phone at 1-800-229-3181.

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