Cotton Braided Welt Cord

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Sizes – 3/32″, 4/32″, 5/32″, 6/32″, 7/32″, 8/32″, 10/32″, 12/32″, 14/32″ & 16/32″ AVAILABLE IN REGULAR (UFAC-CONTACT DAPA for Pricing) 


What is Braided Welt Cord?

Braided welt cord is a type of decorative cord that can be used to embellish clothing, furniture, and other items. Braided welt cord is a type of cord made from cotton that has multiple strands woven together. The braiding technique is called “weaving” or “braiding”. This type of cord is known for being strong and flexible.

How Braided Welt Cord is Used

This cording is used for the edging of a fabric. It is created by braiding together threads of various colors, and then sewing them to the edge of the fabric to give the furniture an accent of detail.

Braided Welt Cord on Furniture

Braided welt cord is a decorative and durable way to finish the edge of furniture. It is often used on the outside of furniture to protect the edges from wear and tear. We know it best from its use on chairs and sofas, but it can be found on other pieces of furniture and decor as well, such as drapes, ottomans, bench seating, and other upholstery.

How to Order Bulk Braided Welt Cord Supplies

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