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About Dapa Products

Dapa Products Window Screen & Spline Manufacturers

At DAPA Products we have come a long way, from our beginnings, to becoming a top choice for distributors, resellers, builders, and manufacturers in various industries. Our journey started with a vision of establishing a family-owned business that would shine in the realm of plastics by shifting focus from distribution to manufacturing excellence. With one extrusion line and a dedicated team, we initially catered to the furniture and upholstery sectors emphasizing our flagship product, the Foam Welt Cord.

Our Commitment to Quality and Customer Service

Some of the markets served had previously been supplied with lesser quality products including those produced with off grade, scrap, or reprocessed raw materials. Was DAPA to try to compete with these lower quality, lower priced products? Early on decisions were made to produce and offer only the highest quality products possible using the best available virgin raw materials possible. This meant that we would not always have the cheapest price, but we would also not have the cheapest quality. It also meant that we could stand behind our product 100 %. Additionally, our customers would always come first, and we would do everything in our power to satisfy the needs of our customers in a courteous and timely manner. These commitments have remained throughout and are the life of our business.

Our dedication to excellence and customer contentment has remained steadfast guiding our operations and nurturing bonds with our clientele.

Exploring New Frontiers

As we expanded, our innovative drive led us to introduce DAPA Foam Spline, marking our venture into the fenestration industry. This product transformed the window and screening market with its user design and top-notch quality, setting a benchmark and paving the way for collaborations with major manufacturers. DAPA Products basically changed an entire industry.  DAPA Foam Screen Spline has helped to reduce the stress of screening and now is the favored choice for many major manufacturers to whom DAPA now caters to.

Our growth didn’t end there.

In response to the requirements of our existing and emerging markets, we expanded our product range to now offer Braided Welt Cord and customized profile extrusions. This expansion caters to the demands of our customers in the fields of window and door components, screen enclosures, and furniture.

Sustained Growth and Diversification

With the backing of our loyal clientele in both the upholstery industry and the growing window and door sectors, DAPA Products has experienced significant expansion. Our growth includes the addition of extrusion lines and a dedicated manufacturing facility, allowing us to introduce an array of top notch products.

Today, DAPA is recognized not only for its Foam Welt Cord and Foam Screen Spline, but for a diverse selection of crucial components that enhance the strength, functionality, and visual appeal of windows, doors, and furniture.

Empowering Success with Quality Fenestration & Upholstery Solutions

DAPA Products remains dedicated to providing top-tier fenestration products as window and door components, screen enclosures, and furniture elements. Our goal is to empower distributors, retailers, builders, and manufacturers with the tools they require for success while ensuring that each item we deliver meets our standards of quality and dependability.