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Top 3 Creative Products to Make with Welt Cord

Creative Products Welt Cord for Braided and Foam

A variety of textile projects use upholstery piping, from sofas to decorative pillows. Stitched to the edge of an upholstery project, piping borders the fabric. Piping uses a cord that’s called filler cord, piping cord, twist cord, or welting. It comes in a wide variety of colors and lengths. You can fill bias tape instead of fabric with piping to save time on cutting the fabric.

Top Projects for Welt Cord

Corded Pillow

Add braided cord to any throw pillow to make it decorative and uniquely yours. Use the same fabric the pillow is made from or choose a complementary material for some contrast.

Reupholster Anything

Pillows aren’t the only household items you can customize with welt cord. Add a unique touch of piping to accessories, chairs, clothing, couches, drapery, futons, and other home décor pieces. Choose double braided welt cord if you prefer the thicker style.

Reupholster Your Patio Furniture

If your well-loved outdoor furniture needs a makeover, think about adding welt cording to embellish it. By choosing a beautiful braided welt cord in a complementary or contrasting color, you can make that old patio furniture look new again.

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DAPA Products offers high-quality braided cording that enhances the look of any sewing project. Your craft project will benefit from the soft, machine-washable cotton welt that embellishes any application. For all your weather-resistant outdoor upholstery needs, DAPA Products has marine-grade vinyl piping with a foam core and a slit flange, so it bends easily at corners.

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