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Can Window Screens Be Repaired?

Window Screen Repair Kit Aluminum Fibermesh

Window screens are a necessity for your home’s windows, and screens deter bugs and debris from entering your home. Maintaining your houses’ window screens requires minimum work. Replacing or repairing a window screen is a job almost anyone can do. With a little research, you could build your replacement screen.

Making repairs

You can repair holes found in your window screen that are 3 inches or smaller with a patch kit. Before buying a patch kit, you will need to know what materials to use with your screen. Your window screen will either be an aluminum window screen mesh or fiberglass screen mesh. Each window screen type has a patch kit. If you are unsure of what kind of material your screen is, you can ask your local hardware store.

Replacing the Screen

Over time, window screens can come loose or torn. It’s easy to replace a window screen. You could make it a project that you finish within one day.

Measuring the Screen

You can use one of your existing screens to determine the measurement of your damaged screen. You can use one of your neighbor’s screens if you don’t have one of your own. The screen you borrow will need to be the same type as yours. When measuring your window screen, you want to measure it to the closest 1/16 inch.

Steps to Measuring Your Window Screen

Step 1: Measure the shortest side of your window screen first, measuring from end to end.

Step 2: Measure the longest side of your window screen next, measuring from end to end.

Step 3: Finally, measure your window screens Frame thickness by turning your screen sideways.

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