Screen Frame Kit

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Each SCREEN FRAME KIT contains:  4 cut-length frame pieces, 4 external corner keys, 2 pull tabs, 2 spring clips, 25 feet of DAPA Foam Spline, and 1 spline roller.


The Screen Frame Kit from DAPA Products is an all-inclusive solution ideal for DIY enthusiasts, resellers, builders, and manufacturers looking to construct durable and reliable screen frames. This kit contains all the essentials required to assemble a screen frame that will withstand the test of time.

Kit Contents:

  • 4 Cut-Length Frame Pieces: For the basic structure.
  • 4 External Corner Keys:To secure the frame corners.
  • 2 Pull Tabs: For easy screen handling.
  • 2 Spring Clips: To ensure the screen stays in place.
  • 25 Feet of DAPA Foam Spline: For securing the screen material.
  • 1 Spline Roller: To simplify the installation of the spline.

Key Benefits:

  • Easy Assembly: The kit includes all necessary components, simplifying the screen frame building process.
  • High-Quality Components: Each piece in the kit is designed for durability and reliability, from the robust frame pieces to the functional spline roller.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various screen materials and densities, this kit offers flexibility for different fenestration projects.
  • Customizability: Allows you to tailor the frame to meet specific dimensions and requirements, providing full control over the construction.

Choose DAPA Products for Your Screen Frame Kit Needs

DAPA Products is dedicated to delivering top-quality fenestration solutions. Our Screen Frame Kit is crafted to meet the needs of those who prefer to build their own screen frames while ensuring quality and versatility.

To find out more about our Screen Frame Kit or to place a bulk order, please contact us at (800) 229-3182 or via our online form. We are eager to assist you in enhancing your projects with our dependable fenestration products.