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Screen Splines: 3 Things You Need to Know to Install

Screen Spline Door and Window Installation

If you constantly have to sweep dry leaves, debris, and insects from your house, you should consider getting a window screen. They are easy to install and can make a world of difference in keeping little annoyances out of your home.

How to Install a Window Screen

Screening splines are placed between a frame and window screen fabric on both door and window screens. When properly installed, they form a tight seal on the screen and hold it in place. Throughout the seasons, when screens expand and contract, screen splines hold them in place. In turn, this lengthens the life of a screen and makes repairs less frequent, thus saving you time and money.

How to Install a Spline

How well your screening spline works is largely dependent on how well you carry out the installation process.

Follow the steps to do this correctly:

  1. Take Measurements

Measure the height and width of the screen to be fitted. Aside from the fit, think about the material that would serve you best. Foam screen spline is less rigid than PVC or plastic. It compresses naturally so that you can fit it into the groove in the screen easier than other screen spline materials.

  1. Remove the Damaged Screen

Locate the outer edge of the screen and pull it from its frame to access the damaged screen.

  1. Cut and Install a New One

Take the new screen roll and spread it out a few inches past the frame then cut the spline to cover the shape and size of the frame. Align this over the frame where you will install it and use a spline installation tool to carefully fix it in place. Of course, you will need to cut off the excess spline to tidy up the screen.

Buying the Best Screen Spline

Foam splines are a great choice because of their weather resistance and UV resistant qualities, as well as being easier to work with when installing window screens. However, it is important that you only buy from a reputable foam screen spline manufacturer to be guaranteed of quality. DAPA Products uses all virgin raw materials that are of the highest quality and you can order online!

If you have any further questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-229-3181 and we will be happy to find the perfect screen spline for you!

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