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Tack Strips Make Your Upholstery Products Look Professional

There is a secret that professional upholsters use to create great-looking projects. That secret is tack strips. Tack strips are placed underneath the fabric to create straight edges and secure the material. Sometimes, they can eliminate the need for staples. Let’s explore the different types of strips available to use in your projects.

Tack Strips Upholstery Products in Projects

Cardboard Or Plastic Tack Strip

A cardboard tack strip is used when staples are needed to attach the fabric. This includes underneath the chairs outside arm, the top back, and alongside any piping. The cardboard tack strip helps to create professional-looking edges. When using waterproof fabric, a plastic strip will do the same job.

No Staples Required

Sometimes you do not want staples to be visible. An upholstery metal tack strip will create straight edges and keep the upholstery fabric in place. The difference between the upholstery tack strip and the cardboard tack strip is the upholstery tack strip does not require staples.

Curves Are Not a Problem

Not all parts of a piece of furniture are straight. Places such as curved arms, arched backs, and outside wings require a tack that can curve. A flexible tack strip has teeth and is used when a straight tack strip will not work. The best part of using a flexible tack strip, it still will create clean edges. Secure the strip with staples. The teeth on the strip bite into the fabric, keeping it securely in place.

Bendable Strip

Sometimes you need to bend a strip around a curve. The Flex Grip does just that. Bend the piece into place and attach using staples. The strip’s teeth will keep the fabric in place.

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