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Best Tack Strips to Use In Your Upholstery Projects

Supplier Tack Strip Use In Upholstery Projects

Do you want to know what goes into a professional-looking upholstery project? The answer is simple. It is tack strips. While you may not see these, they help secure fabric in place with a nice, clean edge. You use tack strips to secure the fabric instead of staples. Here are three different types DAPA Products recommends.

Cut-Length Cardboard Tack Strip

Cut-length cardboard tack strip is cut in a clean rectangle. Use it with staples. It can be a very affordable way to tack your fabric in place.

Plastic Tack Strip

Made from plastic, this tack strip is weatherproof. It is best used for outdoor and marine environments where you have outdoor furniture. Using fabric or vinyl, the plastic tack strip provides a clean edge to prevent tuckering.

The tack strip can also serve as a guard for metal tack strips.

Flex Grip

Flex Grip tack is a unique invention, designed for use in areas where you need to curve the fabric. The straight-edged tack strips will not work in these designs. Using Flex Grip allows you to bend the tack strip around curved edges.

Once you position the Flex Grip where you need it, staple the fabric in place. It also has teeth that grip the fabric to hold it in place as you work with it. It’s very easy to use and will make your upholstery projects a breeze!

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