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Why is Fiberglass the Best Type of Window Screen?

It is common for homeowners to report that the screens they just installed a few years ago are already starting to fall apart. This is often the material used to make window screens. Many property owners choose to replace these damaged screens with ones made from fiberglass to correct this issue.

Fiberglass Window Screen Components and Kits

At DAPA Products, we are the industry leader in window screen products. Our team would like to let you know more about why fiberglass is considered the best window screen type on the market.

A Look at Fiberglass Window Screens

The durability and resilience of fiberglass window screens are vital because they are considered the best available material. It is resistant to corrosion, rust, and staining. Fiberglass screen is also easy to install, highly economical, and flexible.

The Properties/Purposes of Screens

The properties of a high-quality window screen include the ability to provide adequate ventilation, durability, and visibility. It should also be able to prevent insects from getting into your home. Beyond use in your home’s windows, it is also helpful in pool areas and enclosed porches.

Screen Longevity Is Affected By

  • Type of frame
  • The environment – weather, sun exposure, ocean proximity
  • Usage
  • Structure
  • Type of screen mesh – Fiberglass, aluminum, steel…
  • Water damage

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