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The Best Screen Spline Used by Contractors

The secret to getting a screen to fit in a window is using a foam screening spline. It is the device that ensures all screens fit into the corresponding window frame. It is among the most critical window screen products to ensure a secure fit. Foam splines are made from polyfoam materials, making them ideal for doors and windows.

What are the Common Types of Foam Splines and Their Benefits?

 There are several benefits to foam splines:

 1. Being made of rubber with tiny air bubbles, they are easier to install because of their flexibility.

 2. They adapt to weather and won’t soften in warm weather or harden in cool weather.

 3. It is easy to buy them because they come in assorted sizes, unlike vinyl and metal, which need to be exact sizes.

Polyfoam resembles a cluster of electrical wires, which gives the frame a smooth finish. The rubber EPDM screen spline helps keep out UV rays, is easy to install, and resists corrosion. The flat spline with its smooth surface helps prevent environmental damage to the window or door.

Best Way to Install Foam Screen Spline

Foam screen spline can easily fit into smaller channels and corners, reducing operator fatigue. It is beneficial for new constructions, but you should take the door or window parts to ensure fit. It would help if you also bought a foam spline in a larger size to give the window or door extra support. It is best to install splines using a spline roller, moving in one direction to install the spline into the track and watching for folds and wrinkles.

Contractors prefer foam window splines because of the ways they benefit you. DAPA has much more than window splines, such as welt cords, to fix your upholstery. If you need window splines or welt cords for upholstery, DAPA is sure to have what you need.      

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