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Foam Screen Splines Makes Window Screen Repair Easier

Do you have windows or doors with screens? If so, you might not realize the importance of having a secure screen fabric. The screen should always remain tight, so it doesn’t come loose from the screen frame. A screen spline makes this possible by holding the screen material in the frame.

Foam Screen Splines Window Screen Repair

The Benefits of Foam Splines

 DAPA Products created a foam screen spline that eliminates some of the problems associated with metal, plastic, and vinyl splines.

One of the biggest problems with metal, plastic, and vinyl splines is how the screen material reacts in the frame. The screen material often becomes too tight during the cold months. And loosen during warm months, which makes the screen material less secure.

 A screen spline made of foam offers three benefits:

1. Door and window screens are easier to replace, repair, and install.

 2. The screen material remains consistent throughout various weather conditions.

 3. Foam lasts longer because it’s UV resistant and doesn’t suffer from sun damage.

Breathing Fresh Air into the Screen Industry

Foam-based screen spline products are growing in popularity. The popularity is because of the ease of installing, repairing, and maintaining screens that have foam splines. The foam also fits into small spaces without a struggle.

The Importance of Measuring a Screen Spline

A screen roller or screen repair tool rolls the spline into a groove. And the thickness or size of the spline is measured by diameter. The size of the spline should match the width of the groove. Taking an accurate measurement is even more critical when working with aluminum screens or doing screen repairs.

DAPA Products has the foam screen splines that you need. Call us today at 1-800-229-3181. We are ready to provide the perfect screen splines for your windows and doors.

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