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Why Use Foam Screen Spline? How It Improves Window Screens

Foam screen spline window screens and doors

One of the areas you may not consider in your home is the screen you have that needs to be held securely in your doors and window frames. The use of a foam screen spline is a choice that is always impressive because of the ability to provide a secure hold for your screen that will be of benefit to your home or business.

What is Screen Spline?

Screens can create products that are of high-quality, UV-resistant, and strong. The commonly used types of materials have included metal and vinyl. Contractors use these alongside the latest foam spline products. These materials secure and maintain screens of all kinds without placing extra strain on the operation of windows and doors fitted with screens.

Why Choose Foam for your Spline?

DAPA Products created foam spline to overcome some of the commonly seen problems that affected screens with metal and vinyl splines. These problems have included a screen becoming taught in the year’s cooler times and loosening in the warmer months.

By choosing foam as the material for a screen spline, you will find your window and door screens are easier to install and do not face the many problems the weather can cause throughout the year. The UV resistance of foam is another benefit of the sun’s lack of damage leading to a longer-lasting product capable of protecting any home or business.

Changing the Screen Sector Forever

The use of foam-based products in screen spline has become a popular option for many reasons, not least the ease of installation that has become a significant part of the drive towards a new way of installing and maintaining screens. The material is known for fitting into small channels without the struggles associated with the installation of metal or vinyl screen spline products.

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