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Key Considerations When Choosing Welt Cord

Welt cord upholstery projects

Welt cord is a useful medium used for many different upholstery projects. It gives a decorative look to upholstered items where utilized. These items include drapes, pillows, and slipcovers, to name a few possibilities.

There are several different options out there regarding choosing welt cord, and some are better for indoor uses while others are preferable for outdoor uses. With this said, these are some of the key considerations that you should be aware of when choosing the right cord option for your next upholstery project.

Cord Options for Indoor Use

The two primary options for use on indoor upholstery projects are cotton and braided welt cord. Frequently used, these options are benefit projects such as drapes and pillows, among other applications. These cord choices offer the benefit of being machine washable.

Welt Cord Options for Outdoor Applications

For outdoor upholstery uses, the foam and plastic cord options are the preferred choices. These options can hold up to the conditions that occur outdoors and are resistant to mildew and mold problems.

Some Other Key Facts About These Useful Cords

You should be aware of a few other key factors related to the braided welt cord. You can achieve eye-catching results when using a cord on pillows by either matching materials or using materials that contrast. These cords are also useful for reupholstering older pieces of furniture for restoration. Many different cord widths are available as well as various shapes, designs, and size options. This fact adds to the many choices that you have when you are undertaking an upholstery project.

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