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DAPA Products Shares Tips for Homeowners to Protect Their Home from Winter Pests

Homeowner Tips Keep Pests Out Window Screens

Most people consider summer to be the prime pest season. That’s true, but this doesn’t mean that there are no pests in the winter. They can certainly bring big headaches if not prepared for properly. Fortunately, the experts at Jasper, Alabama-based DAPA Products are here to help. They recently shared some winning tips to keep insects and other pests far away in the winter. Don’t forget a warm home can seem quite inviting in the cold.

“In winter, you can expect insects like boxelder bugs, ladybugs, brown stink bugs, cluster flies, earwigs, and leaf-footed bugs to look for a source of warmth,” commented a spokesperson from DAPA. “They get into homes under siding, through cracks and crevices, or damaged screens. They may not be as much of a danger as summer pests, but it is still potentially a huge nuisance.”

DAPA Products’ expert continued, “You will typically find these pests in and around windows. A vacuum cleaner can quickly help get rid of them.”

Mice are something to keep an eye on year-round but come winter, they will be even more motivated to get inside. Make sure you know how to identify their droppings so you know if any are inside before they end up causing damage.

Yes, for insects, mice, and other pests, according to DAPA Products, awareness is a key to keeping these things from becoming problems.

Probably the essential thing to keep focus on is making sure window and door components are correctly sealed, screens are replaced, and bug flaps are added to windows and doors.

When it comes to window screens, DAPA Products is answering the call. The company is a reliable source for high-quality screen splines for window screens. The correct screen spline optimizes how a door or window keeps out pests, while still allowing good air quality.

It is often an exceptionally good idea to change screen splines when screens are changed. It makes sure the new screens work as well as they can. DAPA can meet most needs regardless of shape or size. Screen splines are also available in made of a remarkable number of different materials from DAPA Products.

Contact the office for details or to answer any questions. There’s no time better than today to get ready for winter. DAPA Products manufactures window and door screen components for suppliers and homeowners.

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