PVC Flat Spline

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DAPA Products’ PVC Flat Spline provides a durable, long-lasting solution for securing screen material in window and screen door frames. Made from high-quality PVC, our flat spline offers superior resistance to wear, UV rays, and other environmental factors, making it an excellent choice for resellers, builders, and manufacturers seeking reliable solutions in bulk.

Why Choose Our PVC Flat Spline?

  • First, its durability ensures that it withstands the test of time and heavy use, providing longevity for window and screen door frames.
  • Installation is a breeze, allowing your teams to quickly and efficiently secure screen material.
  • Plus, its versatility accommodates various screen materials and densities, making it ideal for all your fenestration needs.
  • Lastly, with UV resistance, this flat spline retains its strength even under harsh sunlight.

Choose DAPA Products for Your PVC Flat Spline Needs

Trust DAPA Products for your PVC Flat Spline needs. We’re dedicated to delivering top-quality fenestration solutions that are durable and versatile, designed to support your bulk requirements. Contact us at (800) 229-3182 or through our online form┬áto place your order or learn more about our PVC Flat Spline options. We look forward to providing the perfect solution for your next project.