Foam Flat Screen Spline

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DAPA Products, a trusted name in the industry, manufactures high-quality foam flat screen spline designed for bulk ordering by resellers, builders, and manufacturers. This essential product secures screens onto windows and doors, providing a flat surface that fits snugly into the frame groove. The flexible, compressible foam makes installation straightforward while ensuring a tight seal that keeps drafts out.

What is Foam Flat Screen Spline?

Foam flat screen spline is a specialized weatherstripping product designed to secure screens onto windows and doors. Made of flexible, compressible foam, it features a flat surface that fits seamlessly into the frame groove. Once the screen is placed over the spline and pushed into the groove, it provides a reliable seal that prevents drafts and keeps the insulation secure.

What Are the Benefits of Using Foam Flat Screen Spline in Fenestration?

Ideal for fenestration, or creating wall openings for windows and doors, foam flat screen spline offers multiple benefits. It is straightforward to install, easy to maintain, and has a low profile, making it an economical choice for both residential and commercial buildings. Its ease of removal makes it especially suitable when screens, windows, and doors need replacement, ensuring efficient and cost-effective maintenance.

Why Choose Foam Flat Screen Spline?

  • For resellers, it’s a reliable product that can meet a range of customer needs due to its easy installation and high compatibility with various frames.
  • Builders will find it valuable for maintaining weatherproof insulation in windows and doors while providing a low-profile, durable seal.
  • Manufacturers will appreciate the efficiency of bulk ordering and the ability to integrate this material seamlessly into their fenestration systems.

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Choose DAPA Products’ foam flat screen spline for your next window or door project and secure a seal that blends reliability with a sleek design. To learn more or place your order, contact us at (800) 229-3182 or use our online form. We’re here to provide the solutions you need to enhance your fenestration projects with superior performance.