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DAPA is a company that manufactures foam flat screen spline and is a trusted name in the industry.

What is Foam Flat Screen Spline?

Foam flat screen spline is a product that is used to secure a screen onto a window or door. It is made of foam and has a flat surface. The spline is inserted into a groove on the frame of the window or door. The screen is then placed over the spline and the spline is pushed into place.

Foam spline is a type of weatherstripping used to seal the joints between panels in a foam-insulated flat-screen door or window. It is made of a flexible, compressible foam material that is inserted into a groove in the door or window frame. The spline helps to seal out drafts and keep the insulation in place.

What Are the Benefits of Using Foam Flat Screen Spline in Fenestration?

Foam flat screen spline is a type of window and door sealant that is used in fenestration, or the process of creating openings in walls for doors and windows. This type of sealant has several benefits that make it ideal for use in this application.

Foam flat screens are a great choice for fenestration because they are easy to install, maintain, and have a low profile. They are also an economical option for residential or commercial buildings.

They also offer easy installation because they are easy to remove, which is important for when windows and doors need to be replaced.

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