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Braided Welt Cord

Braided Welt Cord Manufacturer for Pillow Projects

What is Braided Welt Cord?

Braided welt cord is considered to also be piping, called welt, which is a cord inserted between two pieces of material. The cord is then attached to fabric, usually around the outside as an accent to the furniture or other project piece. They are commonly used on seat cushions and armrest for chairs or sofas.

Welt cord can also be added to pillows to match the pillow to the chair or sofa. Braided welt cord can be easily applied to projects using hot glue or stitching, depending on the type of material being used.

Why Use Braided Welt Cord

Trimmings are what makes a room, or other decorating projects, stand out from the rest. Adding a braided welt cord is a quick and easy way to add a stunning effect to the room. They come in a variety of sizes designed to add accent to any room or project. Ranging from large diameter, piping for big upholstery items to very thin piping is great for cushions and pillows.

The cord is hidden inside of material making matching projects quick and easy as well. Other common uses for braided welt cord include car interiors such as the seats and armrest. Hotrod owners often add braided welt cord to customize their car’s interior.

How to Apply Braided Welt Cord

Just simply cut the fabrics into strips to wrap around the cording. Leave an edge to use for sewing or gluing to the final project. It is so easy to do even inexperienced crafters can easily make an impressive project with welt cording.

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