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Keep Pests Out by Repairing Damaged Window Screens

Repair Window Screens Keep Pests Out

The screens on your windows should be able to let fresh air in and keep out bugs and animals. Examine them to see what condition they’re in. DAPA Products is a bug flap manufacturer that advises you to examine the condition of every screen you have. Check your screens for tears.

Window Screen Replacement with a DAPA Window Screen Repair Kit

Repair your screens with ease with DAPA’s do-it-yourself products. Our materials are the best, and our products are easy to use. Replace damaged screens with our window screen repair kit.

 Do More Than Repair Your Screens

  • Use DAPA window screen products like bug flaps. Bug flaps are strips that will seal gaps around your windows and doors. They are safer to use than pesticides, and installing them can eliminate the need for toxic chemicals.
  • Eliminate pools of water from your property.
  • Don’t let trash piled up, and don’t leave food outside.
  • Stop pests from getting into your home by adding screens to your windows and doors. Install screens to your ventilation openings to keep bugs and animals out.
  • Seal gaps under your doors with bug flaps, and check to make sure no light shines through the seals.
  • Use rubber seals on garage doors.
  • Add bug flap strips or foam to tracks on sliding glass doors.
  • Apply caulking or silicone to plug up cracks around your windows and doors.
  • Plug up openings around pipes, wires, and utilities.
  • Thoroughly examine the seals to check for gaps.
  • Make sure your outer doors close on their own.

Buy your window screen kit and bug flaps from DAPA Products. DAPA is one of the most reputable window screen component manufacturers you’ll find. This company sells high-quality products, so be sure to check them out. Call us at 1-800-200-229-3181 to find out which window screen kit will fit your windows.

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