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What is Curve Ease for Upholstery Projects?

Curve Ease makes it easier to sew curved seams on furniture and other fabric and upholstery projects. With Curve Ease, the user can make perfect curves with no creases or bumps that would otherwise be difficult to achieve by hand-sewing. It is a tack strip made from metal to be flexible to bend around curves.

This product has been used by professional upholsterers for many years because of its versatility and convenience. Not only can Curve Ease help create smooth curves quickly and easily, but it also helps reduce the amount of time needed to finish an upholstery project compared to traditional sewing.

Why Use Curve Ease?

Curve Ease helps make upholstery projects easier and faster. It’s made from metal and provides the perfect curve to any project from cushions to chairs and headboards. It’s a time-saver for upholstery projects.

Curve Ease is an innovative product developed to make upholstery projects easier and faster. It’s a plastic template that provides the perfect shape for any curved project, from cushions to headboards.

What Are the Benefits of Using Curve Ease Upholstery Supply Product from DAPA?

DAPA uses high quality virgin raw materials in the manufacturing and production of products. Curve Ease is made from metal and provides the shape and structure you need for the perfect curve to your upholstery projects.

We have long known that the quality of the materials results in products that last well. Our products are affordable and strong. Many of our retail partners and resellers buy from DAPA and can inquire with our excellent customer service team regarding the cost.

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