Cut-Length Cardboard Tack Strip

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Enhancing Upholstery with Quality Tack Strips

DAPA Products is dedicated to supporting distributors and resellers with our cut-length cardboard tack strip, ensuring you can provide your clients with a solution that simplifies upholstery tasks. Our high-quality tack strips are designed to meet the diverse needs of your clientele, enhancing the efficiency and quality of their upholstery projects.

A Builder’s and Manufacturer’s Ally

Builders and manufacturers in the furniture, automotive, and marine seating industries rely on DAPA for components that elevate the construction and aesthetic appeal of their projects. Our cut-length cardboard tack strip is an essential component for furniture manufacturing, offering a reliable method for securing fabric to frames with precision and ease.

Revolutionary Upholstery Solutions for All Applications

  • Fenestration and Screen Enclosures: While primarily known for upholstery improvements, our commitment to quality extends to fenestration products and screen enclosures, ensuring every aspect of your project benefits from top-tier components.
  • Furniture Excellence: Our tack strips are perfect for household and contract furniture, providing the necessary support for both form and function.

Simplify Fabric Securing with Our Cardboard Tack Strip

  • Effortless fabric securing to furniture frames
  • Designed for flexibility, easily conforms to corners and edges
  • Provides a snug, seamless fit
  • Eliminates challenges of loose fabric
  • Ensures a polished finish

Why Choose DAPA’s Cut-Length Cardboard Tack Strip?

  • Versatile Application: Ideal for sofas, chairs, and more, enhancing project efficiency.
  • Easy Installation: Simple staple and tuck method reduces effort and time.
  • Professional Results:Achieves a secure, professional look with minimal effort.

Experience the DAPA Difference

Opt for DAPA Products’ cut-length cardboard tack strip for an upgraded upholstery process. Save time, reduce frustration, and achieve a professional look with every project. Contact us at (800) 229-3182 or via our online form to discover more about our upholstery solutions and place your order. We’re here to support your upholstery needs with quality and reliability.