Hard Cardboard Tack Strip

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Strengthen Your Upholstery Projects with DAPA’s Hard Cardboard Tack Strip

Essential Support for Distributors and Resellers

DAPA Products is committed to ensuring our distributors and resellers have access to top-quality upholstery solutions like our hard cardboard tack strip. This product is designed to meet the diverse needs of your clientele, providing extra strength and support for a range of upholstery projects.

A Builder’s and Manufacturer’s Foundation

For builders and manufacturers, the integrity of every piece matters. Our hard cardboard tack strip is indispensable in the furniture, automotive, and marine seating industries. It offers a robust method for securing fabric to frames, enhancing both the quality and durability of your work.

Durable and Versatile Upholstery Enhancement

  • Extra Support:Ideal for furniture, cushions, quilts, and more, our tack strip reinforces upholstery projects.
  • Ease of Use:Made from extra-strength cardboard, it’s simple to implement across various applications.
  • Secure Attachment: Ensures fabric stays in place without slipping, sagging, or wrinkling.

Benefits of DAPA’s Hard Cardboard Tack Strip

  • Water and Stain Resistance: Crafted for durability, it withstands the rigors of use.
  • Enhanced Fabric Security: Prevents material from sagging and wrinkling, maintaining the project’s aesthetic.
  • Support for Heavy-Duty Fabrics: Ideal for upholstery that needs to resist tears and maintain form.
  • Cost-Effective Comfort:A popular choice for making upholstered furniture more comfortable and secure.

Where to Use Our Cardboard Tack Strip

Place our tack strip across the seat and back of chairs or sofas for improved support and to prevent fabric slippage. It’s designed to create a firmer sitting surface, ensuring comfort and durability in upholstered furniture.

Standard Dimensions for Precision Work

Our tack strips are conveniently sized at 3/4 inch wide and 1/2 inch high, catering to the standard needs of the upholstery industry for secure fabric placement.

Choose DAPA Products for Wholesale Upholstery Supplies

DAPA Products offers our hard cardboard tack strip and a range of other upholstery components at wholesale prices, ideal for any distributor, reseller, builder, or manufacturer. Start enhancing the quality of your projects today. Contact us at 800-229-3181 or through our online form for pricing and more information. Let us support your business with our reliable, high-quality upholstery solutions.