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A cardboard tack strip is a great way to add extra support to upholstery projects. You can use it on furniture, cushions, or even on the back of a quilt. Cardboard tack strip is easy to use and made from extra-strength cardboard.

A tack strip is a thin piece of wood or metal with sharp tacks sticking out. Use it to attach upholstery to a frame, such as a chair or a sofa. The tacks hold the upholstery, while the strip prevents it from slipping. Tack strips are available in different widths, depending on the size of the fabric you are using.

Benefits of Using a Hard Cardboard Tack Strip

  • The hard cardboard tack strip is a perfect solution for upholstery. Made from a durable material, it is resistant to water and stains.
  • The hard cardboard tack strip provides a more secure way of attaching the fabric to the furniture frame. It prevents the material from sagging and wrinkling due to its weight.
  • The hard cardboard tack strip also provides better support for heavy-duty fabrics and upholstery and prevents them from tearing when someone sits on them or pulled too hard.
  • Adding a hard cardboard tack strip is one of the most popular and cost-effective ways to make an upholstered chair more comfortable.

Where Does the Hard Cardboard Tack Strip Go?

The strip will be placed on the chair’s seat and back, across the front edge of the seat, and then tacked to the bottom of the back. The addition of this strip will provide a firmer sitting surface for those who find that their upholstered chairs are too soft. It also helps to prevent slippage when sitting in your favorite armchair or sofa.

Standard Size of the Cardboard Tack Strip

The tack strip is a strip of hard cardboard, usually 3/4 inch wide and 1/2 inch high. It is often used in the upholstery industry to hold the fabric in place.

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