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3 Reasons to Upgrade Upholstery and Fenestration Product Quality

DAPA Products Quality Fenestration & Upholstery Manufacturing

DAPA Products, a window and door components manufacturer, shares reasons to upgrade supplies with virgin raw materials. DAPA realized early in their manufacturing establishment that many suppliers received less than quality products. DAPA wanted to change the industry. They provide quality supplies and stand behind each of their products, 100%. Suppliers around the globe depend on DAPA for high-quality supplies of extruded plastic products, window and door components, as well as upholstery products. DAPA considers the following elements that make great products.

Streamlining the Process

When it comes to upholstery and fenestration products, streamlining involves three aspects. These are the system, the materials, and the process.

1. The System Is Key

The system of providing customers with excellent products does not include price consideration, according to DAPA. Their only concern is making the highest quality fenestration products. Through steady growth, DAPA began mixing materials and producing the DAPA Foam Spline. Foam spline was an innovation in the industry that significantly improved outcomes for screen industry workers.

2. The Right Materials

DAPA made it a mission from the beginning to use and produce only the highest quality of products. By using only the best virgin raw materials, DAPA can manufacture and provide this quality material in upholstery products. DAPA are specialists in the unique contours, complexity in design, and the highest precision requirements.

3. The Process Makes It Best

Due to the Foam Spline focus, DAPA increased its number of extrusion lines and production time to 24 hours a day. Along with the significant products of Foam Welt Cord and Foam Spline, DAPA provides multiple other products for this market and many others.

All companies can provide designs to order, but very few can give the order on time and with materials that last, as DAPA has always done.


DAPA provides customers with the highest quality, on-time orders. This means competition, however, DAPA will not risk quality in order to give a cheaper cost. The quality that is provided to the customer will always remain the highest standards.

DAPA continues its growth with new products such as braided welt cord. As wholesale upholstery product suppliers, DAPA continues to advance in window screen products, as well as the window screen components our customers demand. The focus of DAPA is always customer first and only the highest quality product.

The DAPA Products team has a complete commitment to providing customers with the best service and highest quality products on the market! Customers love our commitment to bringing them the lowest possible prices as well. Contact a member of the team today at 1-800-229-3181 to find out about getting the perfect spline to fit your needs.