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Welt Cords on Pillows and Cushions: Beautiful and Functional

Welt Cords on Pillows and Cushions

During the middle ages, people of noble bloodlines or rank often had a special type of chair that came with a welted cushion and looked incredibly detailed and had an incredible splendor to them. The Spanish Court only allowed honored people to sit in chairs that had the welted decorated cushions. On the other hand, Frenchmen that were extremely privileged and noble were given special permission to kneel on welted cushions directly behind the king when inside the church.

Welt Cords Make Cushions Attractive

As time has gone by, cushions with welt cord have remained both functional and incredibly attractive. They are as much of an attractive decorative option as they are a comfortable seating option. Just because your seat is functional does not mean it has to be any less stylish, as any seat can be dressed up with welting!

What Are Welt Cords on Cushions?

The option to have a beautiful welted seat that is also comfortable and functional sounds great, but what is a welted cushion?

Professional decorators are usually the ones who use the term “welting” when they refer to the piping or cording method on cushions. Whichever word you choose to use, this welt cord method not only adds a bit of style to your cushions but increases the strength of the seams, which in turn makes the cushion stronger overall and gives it a longer life, in the long run, meaning that welting is as functional as it is beautiful.

Welt cords add a stylish touch to cushions. You can choose to add a different color or textures of fabric with welt cords that add variety and style to the cushion.

If you need assistance selecting welt cord for your project, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-229-3181 and we will be happy to find the perfect welt cord for you!