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Announcing Anti-Allergen Screen Mesh

Allergen Screen Suppliers and Manufacturer
Window screen mesh is available in several different varieties including fiberglass, solar, insect, aluminum and others.  In addition to those types of screen mesh another is also available, anti-allergen window screen mesh.

Blocks Over 90% of Pollens

While anti-allergen screen mesh will keep out the bugs just as well or in some cases better than the other mesh mentioned, it will also block 99.7% of Birch tree pollen, 90.9% of ragweed pollen and 100% of grass pollen.  It is also highly protective against all other pollen.

Enjoy More Fresh Air

If you live in an area of the country that has high pollen counts during certain times of the year this mesh will allow you to open windows and enjoy more fresh air.

Have Peace of Mind

And if you have an attic fan imagine how refreshing it would be to be able to use it knowing that your window screen mesh is blocking a high percent of the pollen in the air.

Installs Easily

Anti-allergen window screen mesh installs the same as most other screen mesh and can be easily cleaned when needed.

DAPA Products sells the anti-allergen window screen mesh by the square foot.  While anti-allergen screen mesh may not be as economical as other screen mesh, the benefits for those people with dust and pollen sensitivity the extra cost may well be worth it.