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Choosing the Right Screen Spline for Your Application

Fenestration Products of Window Screen Spline
Screen spline can be reused when repairing screens. This practice is economical and eco-friendly. However, in some cases, the spline might be in poor shape due to long-term use or accidental damage. We recommend performing repairs with all new materials or replace the existing spline with a readily available alternative. If you require a new spline for any of these reasons, you must choose the most appropriate one for your needs.

Common Spline Materials

There are many spline products in the market, and they are available in multiple shapes and sizes. You will also find that they are manufactured using different materials. This is an important factor because it will determine the resilience, durability and cost of the product. However, the material also determines the quality of the products.

At DAPA, we observed the market and noticed there were many suppliers with low quality products. We made a decision to produce the highest quality products and use the best available materials. Our products include virgin raw materials. We feel we can stand behind our products 100%.

Our spline products include:

DAPA Foam Screen Spline
– Foam screen spline
PVC Ribbed Screen Spline
– PVC ribbed screen spline
DAPA Foam Ribbed Screen Spline
– Foam ribbed screen spline
Foam Flat Spline
– Foam flat spline
PVC Flat Screen Spline
– PVC flat screen splining
Per Spline
– Per spline
PVC Smooth Screen Spline
– PVC smooth screen spline
T Spline
– T spline

Each of these products has its advantages in specific applications. Therefore, you should evaluate and compare your different options with their purpose before making your decision. The right choice will ensure that the screen remains in place after installation.

Comparing Vinyl and Foam Spline

Vinyl and foam splines are the most popular products used for installing window screens in modern homes. Both are durable and easy to use, so the ultimate choice will depend on personal preference. DAPA foam spline is generally easier to work with because of its structure. Foam spline presents more flexibility so a single spline size can be used for multiple applications.