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Back Tacking Upholstery Strips and What They’re Used For

Upholstery Repair Tacking Strips Supplier

Are you interested in upholstering the outside panels of furniture? Many find the process of figuring it all out overwhelming. Of course, you’ll want to strive to make the exterior upholstery panels look smooth and clean-cut, and maybe you’re not quite sure how to go about getting those panels to look that way.

 It just so happens the upholsterers have a little tool that makes upholstering a whole lot easier. They use what’s called back tacking. You use the back tacking to attach the outside fabric to the frame without causing the staples or tacks to show.

What Kind of Back Tacking Are There, And How to Choose?

Cardboard Back Tacking

 This type of back tacking is perfect for creating clean-cut edges that can be stapled or tacking into place under the fabric. It’s mainly used on chair arms, the top of chair backs, and alongside with piping (to keep it from drooping). This style of back tacking is most often used on straight edges, though it could be used on soft curves.

Metal Back Tacking

 This style is perfect for straight edges or edges with sharp turns, like chair backs. The metal can’t bend around curves, though it can bend into mountain or valley folds.

Flexible Metal Back Tacking

 As the name suggests, this type of back tacking is the most flexible of them all. You might need the flexibility for curved panels, rolled chair arms, or wings. Or, maybe just for the flexibility of it after the furniture is upholstered, this is the back tacking for you. You can use it for any edge of an outside panel.

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