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Why Maintain and Repair Window Screens?

Window Screen Repair Kits Aluminum & Fiberglass

Windows play a significant role in allowing natural light to flow into your home. Windows also facilitate fresh air to circulate and will enable you to have a good view of the exterior. Unfortunately, windows become non-functional and inefficient if they are not maintained or repaired on time. They tend to develop issues even if they are well-built. The frames may shift or warp over time, making them difficult to open and eventually creating safety hazards. The seals may break, leak, or get damaged, resulting in heat and cool air loss. Broken latches create security issues as well.

Repairing the Window Screens

Window screens that are torn, broken, or snagged will need fixing if not a replacement. Screens are sold in two different materials at DAPA Products, such as fiberglass, polyester, and aluminum. Some help reduces glare. Others are designed to conserve energy.

If you plan on repairing a window screen yourself, make sure to set it up on a flat surface first. Then, check for warping or breakage. Next, check corners and make sure they are secure and free of rust. If the screen is beyond repair, purchase a new one.

The next step is to remove the spline. Check if it’s cracked or torn. Replace if necessary. Measure the new screen to be replaced and cut to the appropriate size allowing around 2-3 inches of overlap on every side.

Roll the spline to tuck the screen in place. A screening tool can come in handy for this purpose, so are window screen products and repair kits from DAPA Products. Trim the excess material after the spline is correctly inserted into the frame’s groove.

Maintaining the Window Screens

Maintaining the window screen can prolong its life. Washing the glass regularly will keep it shiny and bright while letting the best view and natural light into the room. Additionally, clean the dirt and debris collected on the track. For smoother movement, lubricate the track. Finally, inspect every lock and latch on the windows and ensure they are in proper working order.

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