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3 Different Types of Screening Spline

Screen spline for window screen replacement

Screening spline helps set the foundation for window screens. It is used in the construction and renovation industry daily. The manufacturers of spline have produced a wide array of splines to meet the various needs of their customers. Unfortunately, reusing the old spine is not always the solution when installing or replacing the screen frame. Some new screen frames require new splines. Luckily, screening splines are available in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Some of the varieties include, but not limited to:

  • Prepackaged
  • Round Polyfoam
  • Round EPDM
  • Round Hollow or Solid Core Vinyl
  • Round Steel
  • Flat Screen Splining
  • Vinyl “T” Splining
  • Square Aluminum

Prepackaged Screen Spline

Prepackaged splining come in a particular size, usually 25 feet long – the ideal measurement required for a screen door 7 ft high and 48 inches wide. There is a prepackaged polyfoam variety that is suitable for home windows and doors built in modern times. Best of all, they are tailored and customized to meet individual needs, so if you are looking for a specific shape, size, and dimension in your window spline, this is your best bet.

Rounded Polyfoam Spline

Foam splines are wire-like materials designed to offer improved sturdiness. They contain small air bubbles that help create a smooth finish around the window frame. They are also easier to install as compared to hard plastic screen spline.

Round EPDM Spline

Round EPDM spline is made of flexible rubber hence resistant to UV rays and chemical corrosion. This spline type is more durable and works well as a standalone or with a hollow core.

Flat Spline

The flat spine has a flat exterior and is suitable for framing glass edges as well as frame surfaces exposed to environmental hazards.

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