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The Many Benefits of Using Foam Screen Spline

Using Foam Screening Spline for Windows and Doors

Repairing Screens

Sometimes screens can be repaired using old spline. At other times the spline is in too bad of a shape. You can make a whole new screen or replace it with something easily available. Splining comes in many sizes and shapes, but most hardware stores have a limited supply. A screening spline is critical to hold your screen in place. This is what attaches your window screen to the frame. For a secure fit the right spline must be used.

Foam Screen Spline

Foam screening splines are used to install and repair screen panels and windows. They are easier to manufacture than vinyl or metal. This makes them a good choice. They are also flexible and come in different sizes to ensure the right diameter for installation.

The Cost

Screening splines make home improvement projects less expensive. They are durable, soft, convenient and fit nicely into the screen channels and corners.

The Benefits

Foam screening splines are designed to ensure the highest standards are met. They are weather resistant, UV resistant, provide optimum performance and last longer.

The Features

Foam screening splines are manufactured with excellent features including easy installation, remarkable durability, fantastic resistance to expansion and shrinkage from the weather and excellent screen security. These features ensure foam screening splines meet the required specifications and suit any situation.

Flexibility and Versatility

The materials are so versatile and durable they can be used in numerous applications. They provide a perfect and tight fit of the screen to the frame.

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