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What You Need to Know About Welt Cording

Braided Welt Cording Information for Upholstery Products

What is a Welt Cord?

The edging seams of a cushion emphasize its silhouette and add strength to its frame. This edging, which is a cord, is made in varying degrees of thicknesses. This will depend upon its type: Tinsel, fabric, string, or elastic, string, thing or twisted material. This cording work also serves to give the cushion a third-dimensional quality. This process is known as cording.

The end product is called a welt cord. A welt, or pipe, refers to a cord is inserted in between two separate pieces. This is something you typically see on armrests and seat cushions. On sofas, chairs, and ottoman covers, you will often see braided welt cord.

Why You Need to Inspect your Welt Cord Purchases First 

Regardless of where you buy, you always need to sample first to make sure that you are getting a quality product. Sometimes not so great products manage to get into even the best companies’ products.

Many new professional decorators have learned this the hard way and ended up with an inferior product with hands-on sampling first. You want to be careful about inspecting prospective welt cord purchases.

You should personally test all products before you buy them, that includes our own. However, we absolutely guarantee that you will be fully satisfied with our products 100% of the time. Check out our online store today to see our full line of quality products.