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Bugs Coming In Through The Sliding Screen Door?

Bug Flap ManufacturerIf you’ve had issues with bugs coming in the sliding screen door, windows, and under doors in your home, there’s only one way to prevent this from happening. At DAPA Products, we manufacture bug flaps, and these strips help seal openings around doors and windows. They help to keep bugs from coming in.

So many pests try to come in through cracks and crevices, openings in screens, and the sides of windows and doors. Pest proofing your home provides you with long-term savings in managing the insect population around your house. Although the use of pesticides and other sprays and poisons can kill and reduce insects, they are often harmful to pets and children.

To truly reduce and eliminate pests from entering your home, here’s a few tips on how to keep them out:

  1. Install screens around all openings on doors and windows. If they can be opened, install a screen. Make sure these are also installed on ventilation openings. Small to large pests will be stopped from entering from the mesh screen.
  2. Install door and window bug flaps at the base. If you can see light through the underneath of the door, then it’s not properly sealed. Garage doors need a rubber seal for optimal performance in colder temperatures. If you have sliding doors, line the bottom track with foam or other bug flap stripping.
  3. Inspect all door seals tops and sides to ensure these are properly sealed.
  4. Seal cracks with silicone or caulk around windows and doors.
  5. Add a self-closing mechanism to all outside doors. You can install a screen door that properly closes by itself. This is especially useful for areas that have a high scorpion or snake population.
  6. Seal up utilities. All openings need to be sealed. These include pipes, wires, faucets, vents, and meters. If there are any cracks, clean these and remove any peeling material.

As a bug flap manufacturer, we offer quality products for your window or door sealing. See our line of products.