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The Key To Repairing Window Screens

Window Screen Components ManufacturersMost homes have window screens. They are primarily used to keep out insects and other critters. However, they can get damaged and torn with time, pets and weather.

How Window Screens Are Applied

The screen mesh is stretched across a wooden or aluminum frame and is held in the frame by the spline, a flexible cord. There are different kinds of window screen mesh including fiberglass and aluminum wire.


  • Fiberglass mesh is more flexible and cheaper while aluminum mesh is stronger and resists rust.
  • Aluminum is available in both natural and darker colors.

The standard screen mesh is sized 18×16 (meaning 18 strands by 16) and is used on most windows and doors, and 18×14 tends to be used for wider spans as it’s stronger.

Repairing Window Screens

Window screens can be surprisingly easy to fix on your own with just a few basic tools. These include a flat blade screwdriver, duct tape, scissors and a utility knife, as well as a spline roller. A device that looks a bit like a pizza cutter, a spline roller is used to push the spline into the groove of the frame.

For replacing the mesh, measure the size of the frame from corner to corner, as the sides may bow out. After putting the mesh into the frame with the spline roller, a utility knife is used to cut away extra material. If the tear is small, an inch or more, a utility knife can be used to make a patch.

Window screen component manufacturers make the job easier with our products that are specifically made for ease of use. To order components for your window screens or supplies, contact us or order online!