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The Purpose Of Welt Cord

Cotton Welt CordWelt cords follow the seam of sofas, chairs, and pillows to provide a tailored look. They are simply a cord covered in fabric and include contrasting welts and self welts. A self welt is the same fabric as the upholstery while a contrasting welt is made from a different fabric.

The Difference Between Cording And Welting

Cording consists of twisted fibers formed into a cord and designed to strengthen the seams that run around the outer edges of a sofa or chair. Most cording has a lip for easy attachment and is available at numerous fabric stores. Cording allows you to customize your furniture by using fabrics that contrast or match your furniture and welts do not.

Foam Welt CordThe Bias

Welting is usually cut on a full bias which is the general direction of the diagonal surface. On woven fabrics, the crosswise and lengthwise grains occur at a 45 degree angle. When fabric is cut on a bias it has an extremely high degree of stretch.

The weft are the fibers that run left to right and the warp are the fibers that run up and down. Cutting on a bias allows the fibers to release tension. This is what allows a welting cord to twist so it can follow the curves in the upholstery.

Making a sample first is recommended since it will show you how the finished piece will appear. For any questions regarding welt cording, contact DAPA Products to order.