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How To Prevent Or Solve Wood Rot And Fenestration Problems

Door Open and Protected with Fenestration Products

“Fenestration” is the arrangement of doors, windows and other openings on a building’s elevations. Because doors have wood encased moving parts and are constantly being opened and closed, the small issues occurring with them must be promptly addressed. If not, they’ll become major expensive problems. Identifying and handling those common problems early is the key.

When Doors Leak

Door Closed and Protected with Fenestration Products

If you notice air or water seeping through your building’s doors, there’s a problem that must be addressed. Check the sill, the jamb and other perpendicular wooden parts of the frame. When wooden frames get wet repeatedly, they can begin to soak up some of the water, rot and warp. This lets wind and water come in.

Caulking around the outside of the sill, where it meets the door jamb and around the threshold is designed to keep moisture out. If the caulking is old or weather-worm moisture can seep in and ruin the seal.

Should you notice air or water seeping through the doors, check the weather stripping and the exterior caulking. If that’s the problem, call in a professional to replace the caulking, the weather stripping or both.You can also visit DAPA Products online, purchase fenestration products and do the repairs yourself. The key is to take action immediately. If the leak isn’t addressed promptly, it can cause the frame to rots, the gaps will get bigger and not only will wind and water come in, your heating and cooling costs will increase.

Protect Your Door Jambs

Wood rot in door jambs is a common problem that lets air and water enter buildings. Owners should check their door jambs regularly and make sure it is protected by caulk or some other sealer. If The jamb is soft, it should be replaced immediately. Otherwise it can lead to expensive problems.